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Leon Law Firm is the vision of Attorney Jose Leon. A former prosecutor for the State of Florida, Mr. Leon decided to launch a law firm that combined the lessons learned and practices from the best attorneys and judges that he had the honor to work with, along with his background and experiences. As a Fighter Pilot, Mr. Leon is used to working in high-paced, dynamic environments in which his decisions are of extreme consequence, developing a fighter pilot mentality that is unique and sought after at the highest levels. Applying this fighter pilot mentality, allows him to aggressively represent his clients.

Our law firm has a client-first approach that focuses on obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our team is comprised of experienced trial attorneys, with backgrounds that include Harvard Law School, Military and State Prosecutors, and Federal/DOD Security Clearance litigation. Our team approach for addressing your legal issues, allows us to obtain the best possible outcomes while ensuring that our clients get legal representation at the highest levels.

Mr. Leon is willing to advocate for his clients whether the party at fault are the rich and famous or mega-corporations. Mr. Leon is not a stranger to advocating for his clients in front of the news media, if the case so requires it, and is not afraid of taking your case to trial.

Another take-away from his time at the State Attorney’s Office was that there is a small amount of Spanish-speaking competent legal representation available to the Jacksonville hispanic community. Being a native Spanish speaker allows our attorney to communicate directly with our clients, while simultaneously being able to provide legal advice in overlapping legal areas such as criminal and immigration.

As the managing attorney of Leon Law, Mr. Leon’s goal is to provide legal representation that is compassionate, personalized and client focused. Mr. Leon will use every tool at his disposal to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients by combining his background, legal experience, and fighter pilot mentality. 

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