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Immigration law can be challenging to understand. From foreign nationals trying to get work visas to families pursuing Green Cards and individuals venturing into immigration through investment, Leon Law Firm offers a comprehensive suite of legal services.

Led by seasoned attorneys, including a former prosecutor, our Florida immigration law office brings a unique blend of legal acumen and real-world experience to address a wide range of immigration needs. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the complexities of the immigration system, ensuring a smoother and more successful process.

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How Can Leon Law Help You With Your Immigration Legal Needs?


Leon Law handles immigration visas for individuals and corporations. We assist professional workers (H-1B) aliens of extraordinary ability (O-1 and EB-1), business transferees (L-1), students with status questions, National Interest Waivers (NIW) applicants, foreigners with an Advanced Degree or Exceptional Ability (EB-2), and many others. Our Jacksonville immigration lawyers understand that it is important for businesses to have access to a global workforce, and we understand that America continues to be a magnet for the world’s best and brightest. We offer representation for all types of employment visas.

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Leon Law handles all family-based immigration issues. We represent families pursuing a Green Card in the U.S. and at U.S. Embassies. Our practice includes marriage, fiancée, and other family immigration matters, including employment authorization. We also handle Provisional Waivers (I-601A) and J-1 Waivers of the two-year home residency requirement. Our family practice includes Deportation Defense and Deferred Action for childhood arrivals (DACA) as well as requesting Prosecutorial Discretion from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Leon Law Firm handles immigration matters for individuals wanting to come to the U.S. temporarily or permanently based on a capital investment. The E-2 visa is a five-year renewable visa for individuals coming to the U.S. to start a business and requires a “substantial investment.” The fifth preference (EB-5) allows for a permanent Green Card. The classification was created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and investment by foreigners, and requires a minimum investment, depending on the location of the enterprise.


Leon Law Firm adapts to the global needs of the U.S. immigration community. Our Consular knowledge is sought out by applicants overseas applying for Visas, Waivers, and following Denials at U.S. Embassies. Leon Law Firm can represent visa applicants before over 70 embassies and consulates worldwide. The firm also represents clients at USCIS offices and immigration courts throughout the U.S. Through close phone, email, and tele-video (Zoom, Skype) communication, we bring our expertise to our clients, no matter their location. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your immigration questions.

Role Played by Our Knowledgeable Immigration Lawyers in Jacksonville, FL

Here are a few ways our experienced immigration attorney in Jacksonville, FL, can help:

  • Legal Advice and Counseling: Our immigration attorneys can provide expert advice on the immigration options available to you based on your circumstances. We help clients understand the complexities of immigration laws and regulations.
  • Application Preparation: Our lawyers assist in the preparation and submission of immigration-related applications, such as visa petitions, green card applications, and naturalization applications. We ensure that all necessary documentation is complete and accurate.
  • Tackling Legal Processes: Our lawyers can guide you through the legal processes involved in immigration, including interviews, hearings, and court proceedings. We help clients understand what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Representation in Court: In cases where immigration and nationality law matters end up in court, our attorneys can represent you.
  • Dealing with Government Agencies: Immigration lawyers communicate and negotiate with government agencies, such as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), on behalf of their clients.
  • Keeping Updated on Changes: Immigration laws are subject to frequent changes. Expert immigration lawyers stay informed about these changes and advise their clients accordingly to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Defending Against Deportation: If someone is facing deportation or removal proceedings, our immigration lawyers work to build a strong defense. This may involve challenging the legal basis for deportation or seeking relief from removal.
  • Employment-Based Immigration: For businesses and employers, immigration lawyers assist with obtaining work visas for foreign employees, compliance with employer sanctions, and handling the complexities of employment-based immigration.
  • Family-Based Immigration: Our attorneys help families through the entire process of sponsoring relatives for immigration, including spouses, parents, and children.
  • Appeals: In case of unfavorable decisions in your immigration case, our lawyers can file appeals to challenge those decisions.

Why Should You Choose Leon Law Firm?

Skilled Knowledge Across Visa Categories

Leon Law Firm has a team of dedicated immigration lawyers with competence in various visa categories. From work visas like H-1B, O-1, and L-1 to family-based immigration, naturalization process, and investment-driven immigration visas, our comprehensive knowledge ensures personalized guidance for you.

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Diverse Legal Team

Our immigration legal services team comprises Harvard Law School graduates, former prosecutors, military officers, and professionals with diverse backgrounds. This collective capability enables us to approach cases from various angles, ensuring a robust legal strategy for each client.

Seamless Communication and Accessibility

Leon Law Firm uses technology to facilitate seamless communication. Whether through phone, email, or tele-video platforms such as Zoom and Skype, we stay connected with clients worldwide. Our accessibility ensures you receive timely updates and guidance throughout the immigration process. Communication is key, and our law group ensures that our clients are always in the loop regarding the progress of their immigration matters.

Proven Track Record

Our commitment to winning immigration cases, formulating effective legal strategies related to immigration status, and providing exceptional service has earned us a 5-star rating from Google reviews, demonstrating the satisfaction of our clients.

Get Representation from a Trustworthy Immigration Lawyer Jacksonville, FL

The top-rated immigration lawyers at Leon Law Firm have the necessary knowledge, resources, and skills to help you take the required steps for a favorable outcome. The attorneys at our law offices have helped many families stay together or reunite in the United States. We can help you with your immigration troubles. To request your free, no-obligation consultation, call us at (904) 409-3095 or complete this online form.

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