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Our lawyers at Leon Law Firm have gained excellent knowledge of navigating through the system and achieving the best possible results for our clients. Trust our Jacksonville criminal defense attorney to handle your case carefully and prioritize resolving your legal matters efficiently and effectively, so you can start rebuilding your life.

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If you face criminal charges, you need the best criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville FL fighting for you. The Leon Law Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers have decades of combined experience. From DUI to sex crimes, domestic battery and even drug possession, our attorneys know how to build a strong defense for serious criminal charges.

Avvo and Super Lawyers Rising Stars give our Jacksonville FL criminal defense attorneys high ratings. When you need immediate, aggressive criminal defense, the Leon Law Firm is ready. Call (904) 409-3095 now for immediate assistance. Our attorneys will protect your civil rights and fight for the best possible outcome.

A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney Is Dedicated To Defending Your Rights

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A criminal conviction can have adverse consequences for your life. You may face jail time, fines, loss of child custody or visitation, loss of employment, probation, etc. Securing experienced, reliable legal representation by a proven Jacksonville defense attorney is critical at this time if you have been accused. 

The Leon Law Firm is here to safeguard your freedom and defend your good name. Our attorneys know the terrible effects that a criminal conviction can wreak on your life. That is why we are proud to stand by your side and construct the best defense possible. 

How Can A Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Can Assist You? 

The major responsibility of the best criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville FL is to vigorously defend your legal rights from the criminal justice system and the police. There are several essential parts of your attorney’s role. 

The Leon Law Firm begins by counseling you if you have been accused, and taking all reasonable steps to build a solid defense to the criminal charges. Our attorneys gather facts, speak to witnesses, review law enforcement reports, research case precedents, and subpoena documents to do this. Leon Law Firm lawyers know how to examine witnesses during depositions and at trial and prepare strong legal arguments for judges and juries. Your attorney also may request the court to consider new interpretations of current law to support your case. 

Your attorney also must be an adept at negotiating with prosecutors to potentially obtain a lesser charge or penalty reduction if you were accused of a crime. If you are convicted, the Leon Law Firm will work tirelessly for the optimal outcome, from a reduced jail sentence to deferred adjudication. If you have been arrested and charged, speaking to a qualified Jacksonville area criminal defense attorney is vital. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any moment, the sooner you get notification that you are accused of committing a crime and look out for legal assistance, the better will be for your case. 

Types Of Criminal Cases We Handle

The Leon Law Firm has many years of successful experience handling all kinds of criminal cases in Jacksonville Beach. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients charged by the police with everyone from minor misdemeanors to severe felonies: 

  • Drunk driving: The criminal justice system takes DUI seriously in Florida. If you’re caught with a BAC of .08% or higher, you could be jailed, fined, and given probation. Your driver’s license also may be suspended. 
  • Domestic battery: This first-degree misdemeanor may be punished by a year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. You’ll need a strong criminal defense lawyer to defend you because prosecutors are motivated to convict domestic abusers. 
  • Child abuse: This is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. 
  • Drug crimes and drug charges: You can be convicted for drug possession in Florida for carrying as little as 20 grams of marijuana or similar controlled substances, which is a first degree misdemeanor. Possessing cocaine is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in state prison. Drug trafficking is a felony punishable by at least three years in prison. 
  • Theft: Florida Statute 812.014 states that theft is a misdemeanor if the property is worth less than $750, and a felony for amounts above $750. 
  • Gun crimes: Using a firearm during the commission of a crime is a serious offense. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney is vital to avoid a long jail term. 
  • Robbery and burglary: Robbery is theft involving violence or force, while burglary involves illegally entering a property intending to steal. Both crimes may result in lengthy prison sentences. 
  • Sex crimes: Penalties for a sex crime conviction are severe, and you will need a skilled Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer to avoid jail time. You also will be required to register as a convicted sex offender. 

Do You Really Need A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney?

It’s natural to wonder if you really need a lawyer to defend you against serious criminal charges after the police arrest you. Remember that the cost of hiring a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer pales compared to the consequences and costs of a Florida misdemeanor or felony conviction. Consider the potential penalties for the following criminal convictions: 

First Degree Misdemeanor

A first degree misdemeanor conviction can land you in jail up to a year and carries a maximum fine of $1,000. You also face one-year probation and a possible license suspension. These crimes include DUI, shoplifting, reckless driving, marijuana possession, and domestic violence or domestic battery. 

Second Degree Misdemeanor

A second degree misdemeanor is punishable by up to 60 days in jail, $500 fine, and 60 days of probation. Offenses include petit theft, loitering, disorderly conduct, and driving without a license.

First Degree Felony

Armed robbery is an example and is punishable by criminal penalties of up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. 

Second Degree Felony

Aggravated battery is an example and is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. 

Third Degree Felony

Burglary is an example and is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. 

Remember that any criminal conviction may mean a permanent criminal record, which can be found in an employment criminal background check. You also could have difficulty being admitted to college or renting an apartment. It could also be suspended or revoked if you have any professional licenses, such as a commercial drivers license (CDL). When you think about it, you cannot afford NOT to hire a Jacksonville criminal attorney.

What should you do if you have been arrested in Jacksonville, FL?

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Choosing the best criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville is critical for your future. Leon Law Firm has a team of highly skilled legal professionals for your criminal case. Our outstanding legal team in northeast Florida includes highly qualified attorneys who are former prosecutors, military officers, pilots, and Harvard Law graduates. All of our attorneys bring unique criminal defense skills to the table and have outstanding client testimonials about their legal skills. 

We leverage our Jacksonville criminal lawyers’ proven legal skills to devise the optimal strategy for your criminal matters. For aggressive representation, set up a free consultation with an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorney today at (904) 409-3095. When dealing with a serious criminal charge, time is short, so call now for legal options. 

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